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The material handling industry categorizes electric pallet

They are very versatile, allowing them to be used in operations of any scale. Fits your budget – If stacking product is not a requirement, an electric pallet truck may fit the needs of your application.

The material handling industry categorizes electric pallet trucks into various classes. Your company may experience a reduction of reported villa elevator injuries. Due to the limited amount of weight a worker can move on his own, manual pallet trucks are not beneficial if loaded anywhere near its weight capacity.

While oftentimes the savings is enough, many companies find additional benefits to using an electric pallet truck. They can also be purchased with varying fork dimensions to better serve in applications that require those dimensions. . Electric pallet trucks can put a strain on the user and potentially cause injuries.

Manual pallet trucks have the benefit of a basic design that enables them to fit many kinds of pallet. By design, manual pallet trucks are able to transport very heavy loads smoothly so that pallets are not damaged en route. This can be especially important if your operator is moving product in an enclosed area

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